2 New Blog Tours Now Open for Sign-ups For My Books!

I have a couple of blog tours up for sign-ups.  They take place the final week of October and the first week of November, for Hellscapes Volume 2 and Heart of a Lion, respectively.

We are looking for book bloggers and reviewers to host activities ranging from interviews, reviews and perhaps other activities for these two week-long tours.  I really want to put a lot of effort into these two weeks, so if you know some book blogs, or are a book blogger yourself, please do have a look!  I want to make these fun and informative visits.  I really enjoy blog tours and am excited about these two back to back tours!

The signups for Hellscapes 2, which will be coming out that week, is at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/stephen-zimmers-hellscapes-volume-ii-horror/

The signups for Heart of a Lion, which is already available, is at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/stephen-zimmers-heart-of-a-lion-tour-sword-and-sorcery/

Take a look and signup or share with those who might be interested in hosting a visit!

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