Cover Reveal for Hellscapes, Volume 1!

And now for something completely different, the second announcement of the other new release this week! 🙂

This one is in the horror genre, which will come as no surprise to those who know how much I love Clive Barker, lol (and how much I love Dante’s Inferno, Milton’s Paradise Lost, etc)  Just know that Hellscapes is very different from my other work.  The stories are very visceral, intense horror in style and theme.  Very timely too, as the two stories book-ending this collection involve powerful political figures who foment wars in foreign lands (Blood Dreams and Lords of War) … for both there is a price to be paid… 😉

here’s the cover and the press release is below:


Seventh Star Press is proud to unveil the cover art by Matthew Perry for Hellscapes, Volume 1, the first of a brand new horror collection from author Stephen Zimmer.


The novella-sized release features five stand-alone short stories that have a connection in that all of the tales are set in different aspects of Hell.  Readers can look forward to some recurring characters as the collection unfolds, as well as a wide variety of environments and styles of stories.

“I’m really excited about this collection,” Stephen commented.  “I love the horror genre, as it gives writers some great options for storytelling that are not as readily accessible in other genres.  Some of my fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk readers might be surprised about this release, but there are plenty of moments in my other books that show this side of me. I’ve always been a big fan of the genre, and Clive Barker is one of my all-time favorite authors. Having been long enthralled with more medieval-type depictions of Hell such as Dante’s Inferno, and other representations such as can be found in Milton’s Paradise lost, I’ve wanted to explore a theme like this for quite awhile.  This project has been wonderful to undertake and readers can expect much more in the future.”

The eBook will be available on Friday, September 6, and print availability will arrive in the following week.

Here is the official synopsis:

Journey into realms of darkness and explore the regions where angels fear to tread! Welcome to the Hellscapes, featuring tales of the infernal in settings where the horror never ends and the inhabitants experience the ultimate nightmare.

In “Blood Dreams” follow the tale of a woman who knew great political authority and influence in life, as she discovers the reward awaiting her in the next world.

“The Grove” welcomes a new arrival, a wealthy man who is looking forward to a weekend of indulging in lust and libation, as he has for many years in this secluded convocation for the elite.  Something is different this time, though, and he soon finds that his visit will be taking a very different turn.

In “The Smallest Fish”, the story is told of a ruthless business mogul who finds himself in an abandoned, ruined version of the city he knew well … in life.  This city won’t be remaining vacant for long.

“Drowning in Tears” tells the story of a young man’s unhealthy obsession for a suicidal girlfriend that leads him on a path of severe transformation.

The final tale of Volume 1, “Lords of War”, follows the story of a man who wielded military power on a worldwide scale as a Secretary of Defense, who now learns the deeper nature of war and what kinds of monstrosities it breeds.


More volumes of Hellscapes are forthcoming.  For further information on Seventh Star Press, please visit and for information on the author

Seventh Star Press is a publisher of speculative fiction based in Lexington, Kentucky.


Cover Reveal of Vampires Don’t Sparkle Anthology, Includes New Short Story!

Vampires Don’t Sparkle! cover has been revealed today, created by the award-winning Matt Perry!

I’m excited about this anthology project! My short story “The Excavation” is included in this anthology, which features some incredible authors like Gary A. Braunbeck, Tim Waggoner, Maurice Broaddus, Lucy A. Snyder, Bob Freeman, and many more.  The editor is none other than Michael West! AND a portion of proceeds from the sale of this anthology go to cancer research, which is a very personal thing to me (my dad was a cancer researcher, for those of you that might not know).

There’s a pre-order window up for one week for those wanting copies signed by the editor.  This anthology is definitely for those who like vampires of the non-sparkly kind! 😉

To see the full press release with a list of authors and stories, go here:

Revealing New Horror Genre Project Tonight!

7pm Eastern Standard Time tonight, live on Nightmares with Malice Cooper, I will be talking about my newest writing project…The Hellscapes.  Yes, I now have tales in the horror genre, and they are  coming very, very soon!  Get ready to turn up the heat and venture into realms where angels fear to tread!

There are several sites that carry Malice’s show, including

So if you have trouble accessing through one site, here are several options.  I will have some giveaways too for those who listen in!